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Imagine this: you come home after a long day and you can’t seem to find your house keys. You just stop on the road to grab a bite and realize that your keys are locked inside the car.

These are common scenarios and there are many more such situations that can leave one feeling helpless and anxious. If you think it cannot happen to you, you are just one broken-key away from realizing that no one is immune from such oversights.

Oversights are just that, a mistake. You shouldn’t have to pay for them heavily, literally and figuratively. This is why Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store offers 24-hour emergency service assistance to all its clients in Bordeaux, so that no one is ever without professional locksmith help, especially when they need it the most. Moreover, unlike other service providers, we don't charge you exorbitant prices for making ourselves available round the clock. 


No need to panic, the next time you find yourself in a lockout emergency. With Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store serving the Bordeaux, TN area, you are never out of help zone! All you need to do is give us a call and we will arrive within minutes to take matters into our professional hands.
Don't worry if you can’t remember where you kept your keys or if the car key has broken in your lock. Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store has a fully equipped mobile locksmith fleet that is capable of dishing out solutions for your problem, then and there. We can make you new car keys, duplicate your old ones, fix your locks and do lots more, on-the-spot.


To have the sanctity of your home violated is one of the most dreadful experiences. You not only put your valuable assets at risk, but also the safety of your family or other people you care about. It is Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store and its professional locksmiths who have been working tirelessly, round the clock even, to make Bordeaux a safe place to live in. We bring extraordinary services to your doorstep, 24/7, with no additional charge.

Don't stay vulnerable anymore to external security threats anymore, we can change and fix your locks overnight and even provide security counseling to fortify your property against any further attacks.  

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  • Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store, Bordeaux, TN 615-492-0096Cheapest local locksmiths
  • 24/7 locksmith guarantee
  • Advanced mobile locksmith unit
  • Emergency assistance round the clock
  • Skilled locksmiths
  • 15-minute response time within Bordeaux, TN
  • Transparent charges and fees



Key duplication onsite: Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store can duplicate your keys, make new keys and also cut high security keys on-the-spot

Emergency assistance: If you lost your keys to your cupboard, mailbox, car, even home, our master locksmiths can arrive in no time and will fix the situation for you.

Lock change: We can replace your locks overnight, weekends on holidays or whenever you want. We can also install new locks, replace and repair broken locks, and do lots more.

Eviction service:  Our locksmiths can also help you in keeping your old, pesky tenant out of your property..

Security counseling:  Our professional locksmiths can also act as your trusted advisors when you need an expert’s opinion to ramp up your home security. We can assess your property and make our evaluations to recommend the best solutions suitable for your budget and needs.

If you are in distress and need a highly reliable locksmith, feel free to give Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store a call. We assure you that we are the most affordable locksmith you will get in Bordeaux that provides 24-hour locksmith.

Call us at 615-492-0096 and let us help you in your need.