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Do you think that your locks have been compromised? In that case, the best option would be to rekey your old locks instead of replacing them. This is because complete replacement of existing locks is a lot more expensive than just rekeying the existing lock. Hence, that is the reason most of the locksmiths will not tell you about the rekeying option. However, with Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store you need not worry about the kind of services that we provide. Through many years of service we have duly proved that we are the best locksmith around. Many a times, our clients have referred our services to their friends and families.

Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store is a complete reliable firm in area that will tell you about this option instead of advising you against it. We’re more concerned about providing the right solutions to our customers, instead of attempting to mislead them in a bid to make more money.Bordeaux TN Locksmith Store Bordeaux, TN 615-492-0096

In addition to the fact that a lock rekey is a cheaper option, the other benefits of rekeying instead of replacing the existing lock are the following:

  • It improves home security
  • Makes the locks harder to pick
  • Change your locking system to master key plan
  • Cheapest way to increase security of your property
  • Prevent former employees or tenants from regaining access to your property

Rekey to master keys system:

If you own a business it is important that you keep your business premises secure and the most effective way to do so is through a master key system. The best thing about master key is that it prevents the use of too many keys and it is advantageous because when there are too many keys the chances of the privacy getting compromised are high. You can also set up restricted access by creating various levels according to the hierarchy. We’ll rekey the locks accordingly and provide you with the keys.

Gain key control:

One of the reasons when you need to rekey the locks is when you’ve lost track of the keys in circulation.  You might have just evicted a tenant and are suspicious that they’ve still got one of the spares to your home. You’ve just moved to a new place and have no idea how many people still have keys to the locks. In such a case, rekeying can give you control over who gets access to your keys.

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